"With a holistic approach, I believe that we are whole human beings, highly connected so not only food matters, your genetics, your environment, your psychological state, are also important factors, in order to maintain a good long-term health"

Meet Lissette

After overcoming years of bad times in my relationship with food and my body image.

I understand the guilt, self-destructive behaviors and unhealthy habits, because I know what it is like to live like that.

Now it is my passion to help you to maintain a good relationship with your body, food and exercise, in order to become a better, healthier and happier version of yourself, with effective and easy to follow methods that will become part of your lifestyle forever.

Recipes & Articles

I always try to cook at home and i try that my meals are quick to prepare, nutritious and of course delicious.

I believe that eating healthy can be easy and even can be fun create your recipes in the kitchen.

Nutrition Counseling

Online and personally

In the case of being online, the interviews will be done via skype or facetime and by email with the same methodology of the face-to-face appointments detailed below:

-The program starts with a main consultation of 45min-1h where I will know your concerns , I will do an exhaustive interview to know your current health situation and perform a detailed nutritional assessment and the guidelines for your treatment will be marked.

-The second interview i will give you the complete treatment, diet, exercise, supplements if necessary, we will review some details and explain how to follow it and any questions about it.

In this phase I can go with you personally to help you with the grocery shopping and you will learn how to choose the right foods and products without falling into the marketing traps of the current food industry.

-The next appointment will be follow-up, every two weeks, where we will evaluate the results and changes achieved, we will modify some details depending on this and we will continue with the treatment if required.

Im very hapoy to work together and reach your goal.