About me




-Universidad Favaloro, Buenos Aires-Arg

1st year of Medicine


-University Uces, Buenos Aires-Arg


1st and 2nd year, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics


-Ismet, Barcelona-Spain


Graduated in Naturopathic Dietetics.


-Courses and additional training


Naturist and vegetarian cuisine


MTC Bioenergetic Diet Therapy


Natural cosmetology

Experience: 1 year in a private consult, attending all different cases with a holistic nutrition aproach.

My story

My passion for the world's health began, from a very young age, I was very prone to diseases and I remember having a bad time during my childhood, at school I already knew what I wanted to pursue as a career in the future, so i chose to go to the medical school but after 1 year i realixed it wasnt what i wanted,  I wanted to know how my body worked and How could I help it to heal and even better, how to prevent diseases and i found this through nutrition, being able to help others to stay healthy in body and mind, its my passion.

During my studies, I tried almost all diets, supplements, and I experimented a lot with myself, to the point that I became obsessed with everything being perfect and almost had an eating disorder, social media had a big influence in this part of my life. Little by little I learned from my mistakes and that food is an opportunity to nourish my body and give it what it needs to be well, and to see exercise as a way to maintain my body with energy, with better focus, concentration, mental performance and not as a punishment for having eaten a lot or because I hate my body.

So I understand perfectly how these issues work because I experienced them personally and I understood how our body and mind works, and I love having the opportunity to help others to maintain a good health that is reflected externally for the rest of your life, and not just for a season.